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Search tips

  • When searching for a GP, please only enter the GP’s last name.
    Omit initials and / or suffixes. I.e.: Jansen instead of huisartsenpraktijk J. Jansen.
  • When searching for a pharmacy, please only enter the pharmacy name.
    I.e.: Rijstraat instead of huisartsenpraktijk Apotheek Rijstraat.
  • Only search for the name of your GP or pharmacy and leave all other fields blank.
  • What to do if your GP or pharmacy is part of a medical centre and the medical centre does not show up in the results?
    Please search for the name your GP or pharmacy and select ‘GP’ or ‘Pharmacy’ under type of healthcare provider.
  • Only search for the town your GP or pharmacy is located in, and leave all other fields blank.
  • Search on using only a partial town name.
    I.e.: Ambacht instead of Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht. Or: Leids instead of Leidschendam.
  • Do not use abbreviations in de town name.
    I.e.: Capelle aan den IJssel instead of Capelle a.d. IJssel.
  • Searching for a healthcare provider in Den Haag (The Hague) or Den Bosch?
    Please search for ‘Den Haag or Den Bosch’. Do not use ‘s-Gravenhage or ‘s-Hertogenbosch.